Blogging from Scratch

There are multiple reasons why you might be here.
You want to learn about building a WordPress site.
You want to blog as a form of personal self-expression or journaling.
You want to blog for the business of it, the profit of it, to gain an audience or to build influence.
You’re already blogging but still want to learn (or re-learn).

Whatever your reason, I’m here for it and ready to be your biggest cheerleader!

What makes Blogging from Scratch different from other courses? Fun, and lots of it.

Even if it’s for business (or personal), blogging should also be fun. It should also make you feel happy and supported. Which is why I’ve created this positivity and community-based platform where you’ll always be reminded:
– This is a passion.
– This is fun.
– & you’re NEVER alone!

When you enrol in Blogging from Scratch, you’ll not only learn and grow from the basics and beyond, you’ll also be invited into a private online community full of creative, driven individuals, just like you! & our community will be updated in real time based on what’s happening in the digital world around us so you’ll always be informed of the latest tips, tricks and how-to’s.

PLUS, my email is ALWAYS open, and there’s no such thing as a silly or stupid question.

Everyone who is a master or leader in something started out learning from scratch, and there is zero shame in that. If asking for help feels bad, imagine how bad it would eventually feel asking for none at all.

Are you ready to start blogging from scratch?

Let’s go!

x Casey Wolfgang

Online Blogging Course

The Blogging from Scratch Curriculum currently includes:

– What’s in a name? – Choosing your name, your niche and your target audience.
– Hosting & Domains
– WordPress for Beginners
– Social Media for Bloggers
– Newsletters
– Engagement & Networking
– Working with Brands/Agencies
+ Email Support
+ A Private, Positive Community
& So Much More!