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The verdict is in, as most have already heard, Toronto FC Supporter Group Inebriatti has been terminated.

When asked for an interview by a local reporter, their statement was honest and clear.

“There isn’t much point in an interview now. We’d just like to say that a few people made some really bad decisions. Instead of punishing just them, MLSE decided to punish upwards of 150 people.
Hitting them in their wallets most of all.”

They also pointed out some forgotten positives, which are now featured below.

Note that remembering these positives is not an avoidance or skirting of the responsibility or accountability for the negative. They can both exist, together and separately. We’ve seen the negative media, now here’s the yin to the yang.


“Over the past few years, we have made nearly all the tifos…”

Inebriatti Toronto FC TIFO - Started from the Bottom


“We have sponsored a youth soccer team…”

Inebriatti Sponsored Youth Soccer Team

Give Red

“Organized blood donations…”

Feed in Need

“Gathered over 1000lbs of food for the poor at Christmas…”

Inebriatti Food Drive


“Raised $8134.85 for the #TorontoStrong Foundation…”

Get Loud

“And recently filmed a commercial for SickKids Hospital.”

Inebriatti for SickKids


“Nonetheless, we will continue to support TFC in every way available to us.”




Letters of Support

Some special friends outside the SG wanted to share some memories too.

“Eli was da bomb. He always made sure there was room for us in wheelchair section next to Inebriatti and even gave us shirts to make us feel like a part of the group. Their scarf was first TFC supporters one I got as well. I love Eli like a brother now, He was so happy to see us in Ottawa last year and down at BMO every time we go” – E.R.

“Tell them how Eli Zeldin has always done an amazing job hyping the crowd at the south end of the stadium. Not just at the south end strictly, but on the sides too. I sit in 120. Also, I marched a few times with them to the match. Nothing planned, I just happened to arrive when they were marching! It happened a few times. But it was awesome, they always made us stragglers feel welcome! The Inebriatti is intense! They add lifeblood, passion and sincere heart to the TFC experience. That’s why we love them. It’s a huge loss for fan culture and it will change the atmosphere at BMO for the worse. Ottawa was unfortunate, no one’s denying that. But this is punishment overkill” – Anon.

“What I can tell you, is that I have spoken with the players, not recently but in the past & every single one of them will tell you – that they love Inebriatti & the passion they bring to the south end. This decision will impact the players, the atmosphere & the on field performance” – S.G.

“Meeting the guys from Inebriatti was the best thing that happened to me in Toronto! I left Brazil for this crazy journey, didn’t have a lot of money and for sure I didn’t have any friends in this new country… found these guys on internet and I was sure I was joining the right crew! Even with a few differences (because the ultras scene is waaaaay to different in Brazil and in Canada) I always took these guys as friends… When that Chapecoense thing happened and I cried for like 20 hours, my Inebriatti family took me and make me feel good. Even now that I’m maybe 8.000 km from Toronto, I still the same and I’ll tell you guys THIS IS NOT OVER! INEBRIATTI IS NOT OVER!!!! Stand your ground and everything will be fine soon!” – R.C.

“I have been a season ticket holder for 8 years. Besides the last 3 years, best thing that happened for this organization is the Inebriatti!! My story is two fold, going to the game in anticipation of the banners flying, the drum banging and the loud voices in one union cheering on TFC. The other is my mom would be at home watching games and would love to hear their chants and watching the guys with no shirts in the cold weather going crazy 😊” – L.L.

“I started attending games just over two years ago with my guy friend. He warned me that if I came with him, I’d have to stand, cheer and have my phone put away for the game. He told me it was the only time he would bring me… Well, I’ve been to almost every game since. The group is not only welcoming, but passionate, intense and has a real relationship with the players. I saw that immediately during a goal or post game when they come by. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Even though I’m not part of Inebriatti, this group meant and still means a lot to me. No fan should have to experience what these people are going through now. Thank you to Inebriatti for showing me what true sports fans represent. This is NOT over” – K.K.

“When I met the Inebriatti guys, it was in the America-Toronto match, I did not know the boys that well but it was very nice to be supporting Toronto. It was amazing when we got to Guadalajara, to the final game, we shared many things and exchanged articles, but more than that, we shared a friendship that is forever” – A.A, Mexico.

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