Why I Keep my Subscription to SinglesSwag Boxes (Even Though I’m Not Single)

Subscription to SingleSwag

Inside: Finally, monthly subscription boxes for women made for me.

I’d always wanted to be a subscription box giftee. Who doesn’t want a special package every month, full of surprises and self-care options? It’s like Christmas 12 times a year, all at the same time as that expensive, draining rent bill (and every other bill, for that matter).

However, much like in a search for new shoes, partner or apartment, I couldn’t find the right one for the longest time. You know, the one that makes time and money worth investing. I didn’t want one that I’d just have, and hang onto for the sake of having.

Left-Swiped Subscription Boxes

My first ever, NerdBlock, was decent and sent fun things related to shows and movies I enjoyed, but mostly wasn’t useful and the goods just stuck on my desk or in a drawer, moving from place to place. They’re currently now on a hiatus, revamping their process based on feedback and matching struggles of their industry comrades.

Boxes popular with my friends and workmates such as Ipsy and FabFitFun come across as (just a bit) too makeup-based for a girl who goes back to the same 5 products she’s used forever.

Hello, SinglesSwag!

Intriguing. Cute. Surprising. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first SinglesSwag box.

Funniest part? My boyfriend picked it up. “You trying to tell me something?” he asks jokingly each time.

July 2018 SinglesSwag Subscription BoxSnacks, jewelry, beauty, books; there’s always a delightful, changing combination of gift categories. It was actually the previous inclusion of bestseller You Are a Badass that got me hooked to the idea of remaining a subscriber in the first place. This summer, my surprises have included Purlisse Watermelon Energizing Masks, Kevia Style Druxy Bangle Duets & Pirouline Dark Chocolate Rolled Wafers, mmmm!

Nothing has gone to waste, nothing has gone unused and nothing has been tossed in the bin or hastily given away to avoid clutter. (I did offer to share my wafers with G, though).

August 2018 SinglesSwag Subscription BoxWith my birthday in early August, I was equally thrilled at the idea of a mystery box just in time for the celebration and other gifts, and it did not disappoint! Summery enjoyments included Spongelle French Lavender, Richer Poorer Crew Socks (can never have too many sox, #ThisIs30), Mirabella Wipeout Rejuvenating Wipes, Tarocco Sicilian Blood Oranges Hand Cream, an NCLA Beauty Mani E.R. Kit and a beautiful Melinda Maria Lucky Elephant Necklace (I love elephants!). 🐘

Wanna try it? Get 25% off your first SinglesSwag box here, and let me know what you think!

A portion of all SinglesSwag proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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