Travel Diary: Exploring the Scottish Highlands

Casey Wolfgang - Scottish Highlands

Inside: How a road trip through the Northeast coast of Scotland made me fall in love with Scottish Highlands castles and greenery

After returning from our mid-holiday jaunt to Amsterdam, it was time for a road trip through the northeast coast of Scotland.

Falls of Foyers

Falls of FoyersMy absolute favourite part of all of this had to be the Falls of Foyers in Inverness.

With different walking routes available, I loved being able to see the gorge from different angles and heights, explore its surrounding forestry and getting a good hilly workout in the process. Standing at approx 165 feet, the Falls of Foyers waterfall is also known as Eas na Smuide in Scottish Gaelic, “The Smoking Falls.”

Once the waters of the river foyers drop down the falls, they run into Loch Ness, where we went through as well.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness
G thought I was trying to pose, I was trying not to blow away.

Strapped with a bag of Irn Bru, Coca-Cola and our favourite McCoy crisps, we stopped by the waterfront sight known for its famous (alleged) sightings of the notorious Nessi.

Accustomed to the city hustle and sounds which had been my main surroundings since moving to Toronto two years ago, I’d nearly forgotten the comforting, relaxing feeling of nature’s near-silence; just me, G and the trees as we hit the nearby trails. No other attractions on-site, no further signage boards with historical or cultural facts, just waterfronted forest and rocky shorelines as far as the eye could see.

Still no Nessi sightings though, no matter how deep we hiked.

But, what’s a trip to Scotland if you don’t climb to the tops of some of their most beautiful historical structures?

Scottish Highlands Castles

Urquhart Castle

My absolute #1 choice? Nestled on the Great Glen, the medieval masterpiece known as Urquhart Castle features an outlook of Loch Ness, historical artifacts, prison cells and its great Grant Tower, all providing stellar views of its former battle territories.

Always missing G aside, I can’t wait to go back to this magnificent country. And in true Canadian style, I’m sure I’ll manage to find my way to Glasgow, not just for its glorious attractions but their newly opened Tim Horton’s. (Iced Capps and Timbits abroad? Sign me up!) (Kidding, kind of).

Until next time, friends!

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Update: Originally written August 2017 on a former blog. My partner is now with me, living together in Canada.

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