Must-Try Money Saving Apps for School, Hunger & Hustle

Remember the days of having to delete apps and data because storage used to be so small?

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter aside, here are a few wallet and user-friendly apps that have always avoided my virtual chopping block, from the time of my first iPhone to the era of Android expandable memory.


You can skip the line at Starbucks and Tim Horton’s, that’s a tech-granted given (unless there’s a line for Mobile Pickup *sigh*). Ritual helps me skip lines at places where I fulfill my food and bevy fixes that aren’t coffee-related, although it remains an option! + you rack up points for spending money at places you love to go anyway, redeemable for free food at those locations!

Booster Juice, Freshii, Balzac’s, Panera Bread, Freshly Squeezed, Second Cup; the list goes on.

The app also won Mobile App of the Year 2016 in the Canadian Startup Awards.

Download Ritual here & receive a $10 credit!

Checkout 51

Everyone has to grocery shop, not everyone can take time to clip coupons and compare flyers. Checkout 51 lets you get cash back on every day items AFTER you’ve already purchased them. Just scan your receipt, checkmark the items it’s listed you’ve also purchased and voila!

Download Checkout 51 here.


I love my loyalty programs, but as a girl who never carries a wallet (seriously), Stocard is one of my virtual best friends. Just pop in your card numbers for programs including, but not limited to, Shoppers Optimum, Scene, PC Points and more for scanable shopping ease!

Download Stocard – Mobile Wallet here.


From hotel bookings to clothes to the laziness of ordering online from Indigo, even thought the flagship is just down the street, I’ve saved more money on Ebates than any other app. I don’t hit checkout on any retail website until I’ve checked for it on Ebates first to see if I can get that little extra cash-back on top of any sales and promotions said sites are hosting. You can also take advantage the American version with no issue for extra savings freedom. Keep an eye out for when your faves get special bonus cash-back moments (2x the c-b, 5x c-b , etc)

Download Ebates here.


I particularly love Drop because it allows me to earn points at stores and restaurants that may or may not have their own major loyalty programs (Tim Horton’s!), but are also places I’m already spending. These points add-up and are converted to money off shopping in places I know I already go (Amazon, Starbucks, etc). All of this, just by using my own debit or credit card.

Drip into Drop here.

BONUS – Save in your Desktop/Laptop Browser with HONEY!

Honey is a browser extension that can automatically find you the best deal on a site you’re already shopping on! When your Honey button is orange, (mine’s next to my URL bar) and you’re ready to checkout, Honey will apply each of its promo codes, finding you the one that gives you the best deal for your cart. It can also help you find the best place to purchase your desired items.

You also earn HoneyGold with each purchase, leading to more money back.

Try Honey here.


Honest Conscience: While this post may contain some referral links, no app developer has paid for their mention. All applications listed were selected by me from my own downloads.


Do you have any apps you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Update: Originally written August 2017 on a former blog.

22 thoughts on “Must-Try Money Saving Apps for School, Hunger & Hustle

  1. Great and nifty apps here, especially Ritual for the long Starbucks queues. Wonderful curation. Maybe add more! 🙂

  2. these are some really great apps, though I go with some other. But the whole logic of ease and saving money with their programs is gaining ample tractions.

  3. These are some really helpful apps. Some of my most used ones are Uber, Amazon, and Woolworths (Australian grocery store). Thanks for sharing your list of apps. 🙂

  4. Great list of Apps as they really help us a lot in saving few bucks in our wallet. These Apps are not providing their deals in Dubai, but many other apps are being used here like Groupons,Zomato(for restaurants) and Entertainer. Thanks for sharing it as I can need them in future.

  5. Thanks for these awesome apps you shared, although I doubt if it works in my country. 🙂 But I guess it will be great to someone else in your country. Awesome.

  6. Checkout 51 sounds amazing! Getting cashback for purchasing something is definitely worth every penny. I would love to give these a try. Nice collection. Thanks a lot!

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