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Travel Ontario • A is for Algonquin Park

In 1893, Algonquin Park was launched as the first of what’s now 340 protected provincial parks and I’m happy to be giving a special post to this special destination.

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5 Ways to Glow in Winter (Without Getting a Spray Tan)

Like many I know, I hate embracing my winter pale. Dull, faded, dry yet oily, sometimes soft yet reddened; make up your mind, skin! Missing my sunnier layers, I set out to find an indoor source, sans tanning beds or a full-on spray tan. As someone who rarely wears a full face daily, simplicity was […]

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Clean Bandit releases sophomore album, ‘What is Love?’

So this is the sort of review that I have no idea why I’m making – well, at least beyond the most cynical of responses, which is that Clean Bandit have several songs that have attracted a lot of attention and this’ll likely wind up getting traffic for relatively little effort on my part. But […]

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Alessia Cara delivers an improved but compromised album, ‘The Pains Of Growing’

I can’t help but find it a bit strange that going into this review, I was rooting for Alessia Cara. And let me make this clear, I’ve been at least trying to be on her side since 2015 and the influx of Lorde-wannabes in which she came up – I’d certainly prefer her to Halsey […]

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Mariah Carey’s ‘Caution’ delivers a return to sensual, low-key R&B quality.

So I got a lot of backlash the last time I reviewed Mariah Carey. And while there are times I’ve gone back to old reviews and winced, this was never one of them, mostly because I’d like to think my opinion on Mariah Carey isn’t that controversial! She was great in the 90s, four or […]

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Now Streaming: Bottle Rocket by Light Years

A magnificent next listen for fans of State Champs, Four Year Strong and Neck Deep (all of whom they’ve opened for on the road), Cleveland OH’s Light Years have dropped three jam-worthy singles, including Bottle Rocket, in anticipation of the release of their EP, Afterlife, due out tomorrow via Rude Records. Be sure to catch […]

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Objekt expands his experimental blend of ambient and techno with ‘Cocoon Crush’

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of you don’t remember when I reviewed Objekt last time. It’s one of my least-viewed reviews – and considering how rarely I cover electronic music, that is saying something – and Objekt is obscure even by those standards, a German artist with the real name TJ Hertz that I […]

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7 #TorontoVeg Holiday Market Vendors to Shop Anytime (Even If You’re Not Vegetarian)

This past Sunday, the Toronto Vegetarian Association hosted an exciting Holiday Market at Artscape Wychwood Barns. Playing the annual classics overhead, and every staffer complete with a spirit-ful smile, you couldn’t help but feel excited to shop for the holidays, especially knowing you’d be supporting local businesses and artisans. Did you miss it? Here are […]

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Little Mix exits Syco with ‘LM5’

So this is the fourth Little Mix album I’ve covered on this channel, and by now I think you all know the beats I’ve hit. Yes, the girls can harmonize their asses off and the writing is often punching above their weight class, but the group’s pivots towards pop in recent years have been handicapped […]

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