ajr neotheater

With ‘Neotheater,’ AJR tones their sound from excruciating to just terrible

…well, second time’s the charm, right? But before we get into this, let me set the scene: it’s the middle of July in 2017, I’m churning my way through my schedule, and I figure on a lark I’d check out this new project from a band for which I had no expectations. Yeah, their first […]

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schoolboy q

ScHoolboy Q presents exploration and deflection of survivor’s guilt with ‘CrasH Talk’

I had a bad feeling about this. And oh dear god, that sinking feeling of dread in your gut when you have every expectation the album you’re about to hear is going to be nowhere close to as good as it should be is among the worst possible experiences you can have as a critic. […]

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the Mountain Goats

Heroes, fantasty, The Last Jedi; all on the Mountain Goats’ ‘In League With Dragons’

…I mean, sometimes it’s just too goddamn good to be true. Granted, I think I would have been looking forward to this album regardless: when it comes to amazingly well-written singer-songwriter indie material, the Mountain Goats are long-running veterans, and seem to be taking this time in their careers to venture into the strange nooks […]

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Sara Bareilles returns with 'Amidst The Chaos'

Sara Bareilles returns with ‘Amidst The Chaos’

You know, of all the releases over the past couple of weeks, it seems like this is the one that’s flown under the radar the most. And it’s not hard to see why: outside of the singles, most of the mainstream seems to have had a touch-and-go relationship with Sara Bareilles‘ brand of sharply written […]

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PUP Morbid Stuff

PUP delivers a more frenetic, expansive but tight and poised ‘Morbid Stuff’

You know, it’s funny, I was talking with a fellow Canadian music writer when I was catching a few punk bands performing in downtown Toronto and mostly making fun of the label guys who are clearly too cool for any of this and aren’t nearly as inconspicuous as they think they are, and I was […]

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Lizzo New Album

‘Cuz I Love You’ is Lizzo’s promising but ultimately disappointing breakthrough

I get the feeling, looking at Lizzo‘s career arc, that her story could have been a lot different. And to explain this, you need to go back to her debut project in 2013 Lizzobangers – and if you’re familiar at all with her larger discography, this project will surprise you in sounding very little like […]

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billy woods - hiding places

billy woods teams up with Kenny Segal to paradoxically open up with ‘Hiding Places’

So I’m going to do something a little different with this billy woods review in comparison with previous albums I’ve covered from either him or his group Armand Hammer, where for the most part I’ve given some high scores… and then a few months later by the end of the year I find that I […]

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Anderson Paak - Ventura

Through ‘Ventura,’ Anderson .Paak returns to his comfort zone in record time

Admit it: if you’re an Anderson .Paak fan, you’re not surprised by this release. But before we go further, let’s talk a little further about the aftermath of Oxnard, his release late last year that I still think is good… but was a disappointment, not on the same tier as Malibu or Yes Lawd! or […]

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