Make Lemonade Toronto

Local Business Advocate Ready to Help Toronto’s Female Entrepreneurs ‘Make Lemonade’

Hidden in plain sight within Toronto’s Entertainment District, right on Adelaide, Make Lemonade is Toronto’s brightest, most engaging workspace with a pleasant twist; it’s just for women. At the helm of it all is Rachel Kelly (2nd from left), a local Ryerson University graduate and previously part-time freelancer who took a company-reversed job acceptance as […]

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Inhale the Future, Exhale the Past

Where to Buy Sage for Smudging in Toronto (& Why!)

Ever since I recently started my knowledge journey into manifestation, courtesy of Manifestation Babe Kathrin Zenkina, I’ve been fascinated by one of the rituals she swears by so often; burning sage.

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5 Ways to Glow in Winter (Without Getting a Spray Tan)

Like many I know, I hate embracing my winter pale. Dull, faded, dry yet oily, sometimes soft yet reddened; make up your mind, skin! Missing my sunnier layers, I set out to find an indoor source, sans tanning beds or a full-on spray tan. As someone who rarely wears a full face daily, simplicity was […]

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7 #TorontoVeg Holiday Market Vendors to Shop Anytime (Even If You’re Not Vegetarian)

This past Sunday, the Toronto Vegetarian Association hosted an exciting Holiday Market at Artscape Wychwood Barns. Playing the annual classics overhead, and every staffer complete with a spirit-ful smile, you couldn’t help but feel excited to shop for the holidays, especially knowing you’d be supporting local businesses and artisans. Did you miss it? Here are […]

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Why you -Need- the 2019 Content Planner

Retire the sticky notes and say adios to work calendars of the past! Your hustle is evolving and so should your planner. Enter, The Content Planner! The first physical planner made for social media, blogging and content creation, the Content Planner comes with a matching storage box plus Stick to your Plan sticker sheets, a […]

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The Hottest Toys to Buy -Before- the 2018 Holiday Rush

As a gal who was always slower to give up her tie to certain toys and games (can’t take my Lego though), I’m always fascinated by what kids today might be or choose to play with. As the leaves change and the stores start hanging those holiday ornaments, I can’t help but picture parental shopping […]

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Must-Try Money Saving Apps for School, Hunger & Hustle

Remember the days of having to delete apps and data because storage used to be so small? Facebook, Instagram and Twitter aside, here are a few wallet and user-friendly apps that have always avoided my virtual chopping block, from the time of my first iPhone to the era of Android expandable memory.

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