Day: November 16, 2018

Jon Bellion’s ‘Glory Sound Prep’ is consistent yet stilted & awkward

I think I wound up alienating a lot of people the last time I reviewed Jon Bellion. Now to be fair, some of this was intentional: I knew the thesis ‘Owl City trying to be Kanye West’ would be controversial as I dug through the tangled mess of genres that comprised The Human Condition, but […]

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Why you -Need- the 2019 Content Planner

Retire the sticky notes and say adios to work calendars of the past! Your hustle is evolving and so should your planner. Enter, The Content Planner! The first physical planner made for social media, blogging and content creation, the Content Planner comes with a matching storage box plus Stick to your Plan sticker sheets, a […]

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