5 Ways to Glow in Winter (Without Getting a Spray Tan)

Like many I know, I hate embracing my winter pale. Dull, faded, dry yet oily, sometimes soft yet reddened; make up your mind, skin!

Missing my sunnier layers, I set out to find an indoor source, sans tanning beds or a full-on spray tan. As someone who rarely wears a full face daily, simplicity was to be a major bonus in my search.

Here are my top picks, time to glow!

NYX BB Cream

As a lover of their retractable eyeliner, my sole replacement for my previous love – Avon Eyeliner, it only seemed normal to head to Shoppers Drug Mart’s NYX section to find a solution.

Behold, their BB Cream. Available in natural, gold and nude, NYX BB Cream is light, rubs on easily and doesn’t feel like I’m wearing an extra layer. The colour is subtle and doesn’t make me feel like I’m trying to present a glow that isn’t real.

Bite Beauty Multistick

Available at Sephora, and Bite Beauty’s official website, this 35% powder cream bullet is great to use on your cheeks, around your eyes and even on your lips.

It comes in over 20 shades, is silicone free and feels weightless!

MAC Mineralize Blush

Prefer a full-on powder? MAC’s Mineralize Blush makes adding colour in the morning a breeze. Not-too-heavy coverage, buildable and can go solo if desired/need-be.

Most of it even remained on my skin after two crazy-crammed streetcar commutes and an eight-hour day in a warm office eating buttery fast foods. Merci, MAC!

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

Having been introduced to Bare Minerals powders by my mother in my college years, back in the days of fearing foundation, this Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream was actually my next try after trialing NYX. With the shades so close, it took a little Sephora assistance but in the end, I appreciated the almost-equally weightless feel, and not feeling like I was carrying a false tan on my face for all in the grey of Fall to clearly see. Plus, it contains SPF 30 and is so hydrating. I sometimes have to remind myself to stop touching my skin. (After a dry spell day, try and stop me).

Complexion Rescue is available at Bare Minerals and Sephora.

Colourpop No Filter Matte Concealer

If you’re looking for a foundation alternative, but don’t want to turn to powder, try a pop of Colourpop No Filter Matte Concealer instead.

Available in warm and cool undertones, plus shades ranging from fair to deep dark, this vegan concealer adds just the right amount of colour when applied under the eyes and on select facial features. The redness coverage during bouts with dry skin was well-appreciated.

Each product featured has been independently researched, selected and is not sponsored.

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7 #TorontoVeg Holiday Market Vendors to Shop Anytime (Even If You’re Not Vegetarian)

This past Sunday, the Toronto Vegetarian Association hosted an exciting Holiday Market at Artscape Wychwood Barns. Playing the annual classics overhead, and every staffer complete with a spirit-ful smile, you couldn’t help but feel excited to shop for the holidays, especially knowing you’d be supporting local businesses and artisans.

Did you miss it? Here are 7 Holiday Market vendors absolutely worth shopping any time of year.

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Why you -Need- the 2019 Content Planner

Retire the sticky notes and say adios to work calendars of the past!

Your hustle is evolving and so should your planner.

Enter, The Content Planner!

The first physical planner made for social media, blogging and content creation, the Content Planner comes with a matching storage box plus Stick to your Plan sticker sheets, a Match your Month sticker sheet and 2 Gold Camera Paper Clips.

Benefits of Using The Content Planner

– 15 months inside to fill with your content, ideas and goals.
– At-a-glance spreads help you plan ahead.
– Special writing space for your thoughts & inspo.
– Light, portable-size and travel friendly for home, office and beyond.

Whether you’re a blogger, content creator or entrepreneur, the Content Planner will guide you through growing your brand(s), mastering social media and getting the most out of your content.

Get your Content Planner here!

& Save the Receipt as a Business Expense!

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Travel Montreal • How to Spend a Weekend in Quebec’s Biggest City

Montreal Botanical Garden

For those who don’t know, my partner G moved to Canada this past April from beautiful Scotland, and much of Canada is quite new to him. Having started working just days after landing, there was little time or energy for much exploration outside the city. Thus, I was tickled pink at the idea of a getaway in time for his first birthday living in Canada.

Having broken the drive to Montreal up with a visit to my mother’s and a night in Ottawa, it was time to spend 2 gorgeous Fall days in Quebec’s biggest city.

Here are my top recommendations for how to spend 48 hours in Ville de Montreal.

Get your Passport

Montreal Botanical GardenNo, not your Canadian passport; Passeport MTL!

Available in 48hr and 72hr versions, the Passeport MTL gives you entry to many of the city’s top attractions, plus unlimited use of Montreal’s metro transit system for the time period purchased.

My personal favourites available at the time of writing include:
– Observatoire Place Ville Marie
– Montreal Botanical Garden
– Ecomuseum Zoo
– Biosphere (Environment Museum)
– Montreal Insectarium
– Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium
– Casino Montreal ($25 in Credits)

Observatoire Place Ville MarieTwo attractions that I can’t stop showing online are Observatoire Place Ville Marie and the Montreal Botanical Garden. With the Observatoire, you ride two elevators to the penthouse floor of one of Montreal’s tallest buildings. From there, you have a 360* view of the city; beautiful, forested Mont Royal on one side, the ports of Old Montreal on the other, and beautiful city sights in between.

Montreal Botanical Garden is a site as relaxing and gorgeous as it sounds, but don’t try to cram it in. Between the indoor greenhouse wanderings of over 3000 plants and flowers plus multiple gardens crossing 75 hectares outside, you’ll want to keep an open morning or afternoon for this one.

The Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden alone will make you want to stay and stare. I wanted so badly to remain surrounded by botanicals that I bought my own tri-colour at the gift shop to bring back to the concrete jungle with me.

Where to Stay

Courtyard Marriott Montreal Downtown
“Where’s YOUR bed?” he asks me.

After a less than stellar stay during a shorter previous visit at boutique-style Hotel Zero, we decided to stay somewhere central, cozy and familiar in accommodation/hospitality; Courtyard Marriott Montreal Downtown.

Our king suite was so comfortable and quiet, we had forgotten we were staying in essentially tourism AND construction central, didn’t hear a thing. The staff are exceptionally friendly and are available to contact in person, by phone, and by mobile chat through the Marriott app, which made mobile check-in and pre-arrival room requests so painlessly easy.

The Courtyard Marriott Montreal Downtown also features underground parking (which is wonderful compared to the paid street parking that is more common there), an indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, exercise room, and a gorgeous outdoor rooftop terrace. Warning: The comfort of the mattress may turn your significant other into a bedhog.

Places to Eat

Vargas Steakhouse MontrealBeing the birthday boy, I let G choose the dinner spot; Vargas Steakhouse.

Located at 690 René Levesque W., just a 10 minute walk from our hotel, Vargas features a steakhouse menu, sushi menu, beverage menu and dessert menu. G’s dinner was a filet mignon feature, aged 28 days and seasoned with clarified butter and Montreal steak spice. Having missed this favourite fish feat back home, I enjoyed the grilled atlantic salmon with lemon-basil vinaigrette, served with steamed Asian chili butter rice, MMMMM!

Oh yeah, the desserts were so good, G had TWO.

Love Sports?

Stade SaputoFor the enjoyer of sports entertainment in your family or coupling, Montreal has the Bell Centre, home of the Montreal Canadiens. &, conveniently located across the street from Montreal Botanical Garden are Stade Olympique and Stade Saputo, the two host sites for the Montreal Impact (Major League Soccer).

For the latter, there is specific away team seating available.

Have you been to Montreal? If not, where would you go?
Let me know in the comments!

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Leader of the Pack • Travis McCrea, Pirate Party of Canada

Travis McCrea

My friendship with Travis McCrea came at a time back in the Limestone City when I really needed a rock, business or otherwise. Someone motivated who could carry a conversation. Someone with great stories and even greater humor. And there he popped, into the friend requests; a mutual friend of a girl friend and a fascinating entrepreneur from the get-go.

Plus, he’s a pirate. YARR.

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The Hottest Toys to Buy -Before- the 2018 Holiday Rush

As a gal who was always slower to give up her tie to certain toys and games (can’t take my Lego though), I’m always fascinated by what kids today might be or choose to play with. As the leaves change and the stores start hanging those holiday ornaments, I can’t help but picture parental shopping to look like a scene out of Jingle All The Way.

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7 Musings from The Happiness Project You Need to Read

Casey Wolfgang - Happiness Project

Hooked on “Happiness”

Happiness Project BookFrom the first chapter of Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project,” I was hooked. One of the core things I appreciated most about this kind of self-improvement novelization is that the author isn’t speaking about improving happiness levels while coming from a level of absolute misery.

She is someone like many of us; she’s working a job, tending to her relationship/marriage and her children and taking on activities inside and outside the home. Rubin is no unhappier than the average individual doing the same things, but she is aware that there are small, noticeable changes that can be made in multiple aspects of life that would allow for additional happiness.

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Travel Ontario • B is for Bed & Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfast Ontario

Despite food and beds being two of my favourite things, I’ve had a previously strained relationship with bed & breakfast accommodations. In my traveling teen years, I wasn’t very aware of them. In my hospitality years, I avoided them. Then, in Scotland, I fell in love with them. Staying at The Roods B&B in Inverkeithing, just outside Edinburgh, offered a new insight into how comfortable (and quiet, and delicious) a hotel alternative could be. This got me curious about the gems in our own backyards. Here are some of the top choices for unique, cozy stays across Ontario.

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